Dyna Edyne

A true child of music, Dyna Edyne AKA "Tree Woman" took to music quite naturally as she was heavily influenced by 90’s R&B, hip hop, soul and pop, from a young age. After detecting the raw talent in her voice the choice to master her talent couldn’t be any clearer as her maturity in her music making evolved through time. Her bold confidence and uniqueness shows and has earned her top of the line recognition thus far from opening up for August Alsina to featuring on Trina's latest EP "Dynasty 6"'s "Back to me". 


The Miami native is creating waves in her city and South Florida. Her sound is ever evolving as she creates a tune that not even herself has heard before. A new wave of magic occurs every time her smooth vocals blend with her handpicked instrumentals and productions that mesh beautifully. Her gift of spontaneity adds to the overall production of her music as she creates much of her music through freestyling, which gives her sound more authenticity. She believes "The first feeling that jumps at you creates a powerful chemistry within the music. When you really look around you, music is the only pure thing in this world that can truly take your mind into another fantasy, moment, and FEELING. It's a powerful thing that I want to be a part of”